DNSBL Removals might not get any effect

24 juli, 2017 22:46

For a few days ago, our old datastore got obsolete in a few hours, so we moved all data to a new server. It became clear during one manual request of removal, that there might be problems with the database version that the API runs against - so currently we're working on a fix for this, by for now upgrading to a newer version.

Update: Removals works again!


Rebuilding again, for the sake of NETFILTER

10 april, 2017 21:57

As Tornevall Networks is still missing a proper CMS, there will be no forward progress for some highly important internal progress, unless there is another way around this (the lack of time is currently big). Some of the projects (NETFILER, amongst some, that was initially - for a few years ago - written to stop spamming) are way too important to hold back furthermore.

A restructure of those projects is upcoming, since the most important functionality at current, are the ability to authorize users to those applications. When this part is on place, we can actually initiate "some kind of" production for the data shares. There is also a huge need of more people and members, that can join and help making this project great!

Join us through the NETFILTER Project site.


DNSBL & FraudBL rule updates

26 oktober, 2016 17:46

As of 22 October, we have changed the behaviour of message analyzing.

If a message contains known hosts, discard the message as already listed but reset "deleted"-dates and relist if necessary.

Messages are no longer discarded with a "already listed". This behaviour was built to save data storage. Data storage is a problem, but we have to live with that even if some cases is automatically solved by our orphan-cleaner (DNSBL-46). So, for each message found as "already listed", we are incrementing the hostcount. This means that, the more hits from a server the harder rules are applied on the host.

Source: DNSBL-54


Relase Notes – DNSBL 5.0.2

10 oktober, 2016 22:15

It has been alive for a while, but since we're starting on v5.0.3 today, here's also the official release notes for DNSBL 5.0.2

Release Notes - Tornevall Networks DNSBL Project - Version EP-DNSBL-5.0.2


  • [DNSBL-27] - When extended information is active and deleted items are shown

  • [DNSBL-47] - Undefined indexes in curl removal tests

  • [DNSBL-51] - API removal allows multiple removals on delisted address and adds penalty if more than one request is sent


  • [DNSBL-26] - Removal tool via http

  • [DNSBL-30] - Permanent deletion of local addresses

  • [DNSBL-32] - Need navbar for DNSBL-web

  • [DNSBL-36] - Removal penalties for returning hosts

  • [DNSBL-37] - Penalty timer reset after 180 days

  • [DNSBL-38] - Penalty timer should show up on delisting-homepage

  • [DNSBL-39] - Release of PenaltyBL

  • [DNSBL-44] - Purge host instead of delist in API


Delisting from DNSBL

1 september, 2016 09:02

As a reminder, our removal tools is up and running at https://dnsbl.tornevall.org/removal/. This method works much faster today, than sending requests to the support mail - and the SLA for manual removals has therefore been changed to a bit lower than before. The tools are there for you.

More information about DNSBL could also be found here.