DNSBL with FraudBL

9 juli, 2016 03:47

dnsbl.tornevall.org v5.0.0 has just been released so we are now fully synched with FraudBL. The docs regarding the API has been updated, which you can read here: http://docs.tornevall.net/x/EYBu.

There is an ongoing project with TorneLIB which has a standalone project for handling our API. It's not ready for release, but you can review the upcoming script at the dev-site here!

If you recently contacted us about removal and you seem to be relisted, the release of version 5 may be the cause, and the fact that some hosts has not been properly updated in both our databases.



DNSBL with FraudBL update

3 juli, 2016 11:09

The project tracker has been rebuilt, so now there's an overview on what's going on with the project. You can see it here or at the documentation site here.


FraudBL is active

23 juni, 2016 12:38

FraudBL is, since june 22, an active resolver. Tornevall Networks has in active for tests and currently we've seen a positive result of the activation. More information about bitmasking will in short get updated at http://docs.tornevall.net/x/AoA_/. In short, we will also activate the new default database for dnsbl.tornevall.org.

You can still contact dnsbl@tornevall.org for blacklisting support.


FraudBL status update.

18 juni, 2016 11:03

FraudBL is currently up and running and while we are typing this post, we are collecting spam from ”phishing sites”. As we are counting, approximately 1200 hosts are flagged ”phishing” in our database. In short, this database will get a zone update so we can start using it. What we are actually waiting for is dnsbl.tornevall.org and the last migration steps.



Tornevall Networks primary link down

5 juni, 2016 09:38

Our primary network link went down yesterday. It has been reported, but it seems like it will take a little bit longer to fix this time. However, we're not completely down, since we switched over to our backup route while we are waiting.