An old missing link in TorExits

11 augusti, 2016 04:15

The "Tor Exit Node scanner" has been down for a while due to the long unconvenient upgrade made. It is however re-instated with a small bonus: From now on, the ExitNode-scanner will be self-sanitized and hosts discovered as exit nodes will automatically get removed as soon as the official ExitNode-list ( is updated.


Removal tool is back online

7 augusti, 2016 20:50

Our removal tools that works agains DNSBL v5.0 is finally released. It's up and it has been tested both with ipv4 and ipv6-connections, so now we're ready to release it in public too.


And if you still need manual support, you may want to take a look at as usual.


DNSBL with FraudBL

9 juli, 2016 03:47 v5.0.0 has just been released so we are now fully synched with FraudBL. The docs regarding the API has been updated, which you can read here:

There is an ongoing project with TorneLIB which has a standalone project for handling our API. It's not ready for release, but you can review the upcoming script at the dev-site here!

If you recently contacted us about removal and you seem to be relisted, the release of version 5 may be the cause, and the fact that some hosts has not been properly updated in both our databases.


DNSBL with FraudBL update

3 juli, 2016 11:09

The project tracker has been rebuilt, so now there's an overview on what's going on with the project. You can see it here or at the documentation site here.


FraudBL is active

23 juni, 2016 12:38

FraudBL is, since june 22, an active resolver. Tornevall Networks has in active for tests and currently we've seen a positive result of the activation. More information about bitmasking will in short get updated at In short, we will also activate the new default database for

You can still contact for blacklisting support.